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We offer a wide range of custom engagement opportunities to fit the needs of your business. Below is an overview of our core Advisory Service Models and the programs we offer. All services include and require a pre-assessment to ensure program relevance. Schedule a free Exploration Call today to learn more.


From inspirational, thought-provoking Keynote Addresses to casual Team Evolution Retreats we have the proven experience guaranteed to ignite, challenge, and energize your team. Let us know what you would like to accomplish and we will design a program to fit your needs.


Our Corporate Events clients have included General Mills, Renfro Brands, Louisville Slugger, The Global Retail Conference, Trend Nation, VMP (Vinyl Me Please), AMA Masters Of Marketing, Hub Magazine’s Brand Symposium NYC, and countless others.



Escaping The Status Quo

Why progressive business leaders are abandoning old perspectives and reinventing to ignite productivity.


Stop Managing, Start Leading

Leadership isn’t a job description, it’s a state of mind. 


The Ecosystem of Success

A Holistic approach to creating team focus, alignment, and sustainable growth.


Smiling For Dollars

How the Interpersonal Revolution is reshaping the customer experience and igniting profitability.


The Next Five Years

Are business plans failing? Or are businesses failing-to-plan? 

Human Resources Profit Center

Exposing the hidden costs of employee turnover.


Focused 3 to 5-day, in-house workshops delivering the inspiration, perspectives, and tools required to elevate team performance, increase productivity, and positively impact culture. Each program addresses one or more of the Three Elements of Sustainable Growth—Planning, Process, and People. Customized formatting is offered to fit your organization’s specific needs. Schedule a Free Exploration Call to learn more!


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Strategic Planning M.S.

The Strategic Planning Workshop offers a comprehensive Introduction to our progressive Seven-Phase Strategic Planning System. This Master Session is designed to offer Senior Leadership Teams a formalized approach to creating effective, focused business plans that fuel growth. It’s important to establish strong Vision, Mission & Core Value statements. This foundational work will inspire, align and bring clarity to your organization’s true objectives. From there we can define Strategic Intent, Asses Operational Capabilities, set supporting Tactics, and put the plan into action.


Leadership & Communication M.S. 

Don’t manage your teams, lead them! Effective positive communication is one of the hallmarks of impactful leadership. Our program begins with a focus on Objective Self Assessment, Interpersonal Communication Skills, and Leadership Styles. The second phase offers leaders elevated business methods and mechanics formulated to enhance team performance. We provide the inspiration, perspectives, and tools to improve team communication, collaboration, and productivity. Leverage our decades of real-world Multi-National Business Leadership Experience to build your tribe!


Product Lifecycle Management M.S.

Increase profitability through PLM excellence! Our team has the experience and proven track record to help you elevate your product management performance. Our Master Session covers Assortment Planning, Pricing, SKU Analysis, New Product Evaluation, Forecasting, Go-To-Market Strategies, EOL (end-of-life) Mechanics, Inventory Management tools, and more.


Employee Evaluation & Retention M.S.

We offer a formalized, holistic approach to Recruiting, Onboarding, and Performance Evaluation. Our PPD (Performance and Professional Development) program is designed to mitigate the high cost of turnover and create strategic accountability while stimulating professional growth. We can help you create career paths, compensation parity, and define merit plans and bonus structures that inspire professional growth and enhance retention.


Engineering meaningful, sustainable growth requires intimacy, focus and consistency. Our Partnership Engagements are immersive, shared team experiences. We understand meaningful change can take time, teams have their hands full with day-to-day responsibilities. As a result, new processes can become a “my job-plus” challenge. We appreciate this dynamic and work shoulder-to shoulder with leadership to create defined, digestible, attainable growth strategies your team can effectively implement. *Referrals available upon request.

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Strategic Design

Three-Month Engagement focused on creating the foundations of your three-year strategic planning cycle. The process starts with an exploration of your business goals and igniting the cultural commitment that is needed to fuel real growth. Next, we determine what’s working and what isn’t in the context of your objectives by performing an in-depth Enterprise Assessment. From this point we Define Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic Intent.


Strategic Design & Implementation

Six-Month Engagement includes all the elements of the 3-Month Strategic Design Engagement and takes it to the tactical level. The aim is to create organizational Focus and Alignment through Tactical Definition. Process Definition, Business Cadence, Reporting Mechanics and Metrics highlight the deliverables.


Strategic Design, Implementation & Execution

Twelve-Month Engagement that brings it all together in an annual business cycle via our Seven-Phase Strategic Planning Process. Meaningful change takes time. There are no silver-bullet remedies to elevating culture, productivity and profitability. Every division is independent yet interconnected at some level. Our philosophy offers a proven, holistic approach to engineering growth from the inside out.   


Executive Coaching

Invest in your leaderships base through mentorship with experienced professional coaching. From CEO to Developing Leaders we can offer the credible guidance and support needed. Referrals available upon request.


Board of Directors & Advisory Board Service

We offer a range of Board support services. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. Referrals available upon request.

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