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Tim Hinshaw

"A 26-year-old kid walks into the office of Fender’s Executive Vice President and says 'Hi Richard, if time permits, can we schedule a meeting so I can pick your brain.' Without blinking an eye, Richard looked at me and said, 'you schedule the time, I’ll be there.' From that day on I had a standing weekly meeting with Richard to not only discuss my career path and goals but also life in general. The lessons I learned under the tutelage of Richard have gotten me to where I am today. Being able to pick up the phone and call Richard to talk through ideas or challenges I’m facing is a cheat code for all executives. Last year was a huge year for me, I was awarded Billboard Hip-Hop and R&B Executive of the Year. I know my time with Richard played a part in me achieving that accomplishment. I am forever grateful."


Alice Cooper

"Rich's application of Jesus' teaching-- 'Think of others before yourself' is a pretty rebellious way of looking at business. 

Rock on Rich, and keep playing that Fender."

Chelsea Ann Mihaylo Hum

“Being a coach isn’t simply making sure the players on your team can score goals. Coaching is inspiring and developing each individual team member to be their personal best. When the team is built of members all doing their best, they develop a synergy that is incomparable. That’s what Rich does. Since implementing his practices into our daily lives, we have grown as individuals and as a team. Through our time together, I have questioned every aspect of my life and have grown stronger both personally and professionally because of it.”


John 5

"Inspiring, eye-opening, and maybe the most important book you'll read."

Lloyd Star

"As a business leader, I always seek wisdom and mentorship. Rich has empowered me to successfully envision, and operate my business with excellence. His approach and deep experience have equipped me with the tools I need to drive this business with spirit and authenticity. It's clear he listens, cares, and knows how to build businesses. I am grateful to have him as a mentor."

RHM Website Testimonial Brad Howard.png

Brad Howard

"I can't thank you enough for spending a few days with the team in Vegas! Your approach and thoughtfulness stands out in each and every one of the leadership team's minds.


I am aggressively working on a plan based on your numerous suggestions. Thank you!"


Justin Norvell

"True leadership is more than management, it's infused with inspiration, personal growth, and optimizing what lies within.

Rich has been my blueprint and 'directional star' that helped me find the leader in myself and realize I was capable of more than I thought possible."


Christopher DeSmith

"Rich is a man of inspiration, excitement, humbleness, and a good heart. You can see how Rich has been so successful in life. He’s driven and gentle and understanding when it calls. 
Rich started training my team last year. They were not only impressed with his knowledge but also appreciated how he connected with each one of them in their own way. He pushed our ideas and had us reinvent ideas that brought new breath into our business. He taught us to see our customers in a new light as well, to see things from their perspectives. 
Rich also spent time with us as a team. Which made my team members feel more than just an employee. His kind words and wisdom give us confidence to take our business to the next level."

David Ellefson

"Rich was there for me as a colleague and trusted advisor back in 2002 during an unexpected, but much-needed reinvention in my own life. He was a real mentor to me, as he continues to be throughout [Rock Your Gig]. His wisdom and life experiences come through loud and clear across these pages. Musician or not, this is a must-read book for everyone about the 'gig' of life!"

RHM Website Testimonial Cards Jane Oneil.png

Jane O'Neal

“Rich’s professional coaching which incorporated his extensive knowledge and experience in both his personal life and in business, was invaluable to my professional development. He encouraged me to take on new challenges and learn important skills to help advance my career opportunities. I highly recommend Rich’s mentorship to any professional looking for growth not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well.”

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