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Burnout: Hitting the Productivity Wall

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Business owners are at risk today! The threat isn’t a rival company, a new technology virus, or shifting customer demands— it’s an internal productivity killer known as Burnout.

What is Burnout? That can be difficult to put your finger on. It isn’t a formal diagnosis, but rather a collection of observable symptoms that manifest in recognizable behaviors. Behaviors such as low energy, lack of interest or intimacy with the needs of the business, negativity, cynicism, physical and emotional deterioration or anxiety, and a lack of creativity.

Objective self-assessment can be difficult. It can be easier to see the symptoms of burnout in others than to recognize them in yourself. Business owners often become disenfranchised after years of pursuing unrealized growth. Their passion and energy for the founding Vision fade and they accept the status quo, boredom sets in and they lose interest.

How Can Business Owners Combat BURNOUT?

  1. Acknowledge - You may be experiencing the symptoms of Burnout. Be real with yourself! Look in the mirror, are you focused on growth, are your passion and strategic energy for the business high, or are you absent, dissatisfied, and bored? Beware of the status quo, its limiting beliefs, and false sense of security!

  2. Embrace the Spirit of Reinvention - Snap out of it and recapture your passion and commitment! Embrace a new, bold, captivating vision for your business!

  3. The Ecosystem of YOU - What is it? It’s simply a metaphor for the systems and functionality of our lives. The independent yet interconnected forces at play in the undercurrent. Your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, environmental stress, and relationship dynamics. What’s working and what isn’t? Why does this even matter? It matters because…no matter what you set out to do, it’s your energy, vision, clarity, resilience, versatility, creativity, and passion that’s going to make it happen! It starts with a tuned-up, energized, focused YOU!

4. Define Your Personal Vision & Mission - In the absence of a Formal

Personal Vision & Mission fig1, your Businesses Strategy will fill the

void as illustrated in fig2 below. Your business strategy can’t be the reason you get out of bed every

day! It isn’t the destination, it’s the gas money to get you where you

want to go fig3. Your business strategy must serve your Personal

Vision & Mission, or you will invite Burnout!

You have spent the time and thoughtful energy to formulate a great business plan—doesn’t your life deserve one too? If you want to learn more about the Power of Strategic Alignment and eliminating Executive Burnout, contact us for a Free Discovery Call! Abandon the Stars Quo— And GROW!

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